Residential Sprinklers

It is essential that Residential Fire Systems are carefully maintained to ensure instant readiness when required

Do you manage and own a private or statutory building delivering services to the old, young or vulnerable? This will certainly mean that you face particular challenges in event of any emergency where rapid and safe evacuation of the occupants is paramount.

Respite centres



Supported housing

Nursing and Convalescence Homes

Community social centres

Nurseries and Day Care

When did you last review your sprinkler testing and maintenance schedule as part of your overall observance of Fire Drill and building security, emergency access and exit?

Comprehensive reviews have affected our emergency services causing severe cut-backs in staff and funding of our Fire Services. Fire stations and fire engines are at a wider distance away, whilst regulations are getting narrower, more specific, and onerous on you!

To learn more about Fire Risers or Fire Sprinklers systems in the residential setting, current legislation, or to schedule any fire maintenance services please call 0808 2027 999