Building plan, site design, use and activities of occupants will determine the type of maintenance intervals needed

You can be sure we observe strict adherence to legal fire and electrical regulations and we are here to help and educate!

UK Fire and Electrical offer a full certified maintenance service for wet and dry riser systems:

supply and fit spare parts

check electrical components and whether they still comply

water level inspection and pressure testing service

control panel test and wiring stability

alarm interfaces test

valve orientations check

sprinkler heads and covers if applicable

tank inspection

Periodical checking for water and pump pressures, pipes and joints, nozzles and flow can be carried out.

Our team can enable you to do regular inspections of your own in-between visits. E.g. examining equipment for corrosion, neglect and vulnerability to vandalism.

For further clarity regarding service maintenance intervals and testing call UK Fire and Electrical on 0808 2027 999