Domestic Sprinkler Systems

One or two sprinklers are enough to quench the flames in most cases

Contrary to Movies or TV Dramas, sprinkler systems are not activated by smoke but heat. Hot air reaches a sprinkler head - that particular sprinkler nozzle discharges in the room of origin. Sprinklers use six times less water than the firemen’s hose. They are affordable and can reduce your home and contents insurance premium!

While Fire Stations are fewer and further away, mandatory sprinkler systems legislation is getting closer!

It is already law in Wales for every new or refurbished home to have a fire suppressant system. Have you got or are planning any of these?

Loft Conversion Extension



Listed building refurbishment

You probably understand the benefits of protecting life, family, and property, but you may think sprinkler nozzles are ugly in the home?

Fortunately, the latest domestic sprinkler nozzles are actually recessed in ceilings along with concealing discs that still allow the nozzle to spray normally.

Adding fire sprinkler heads in accordance with the requirements of BS9251 and manufacturers recommendations is the best thing you can do today.

Fire Sprinkler systems will become more common in family homes, and will soon become law

In new construction, a series of pipes are simply applied to stud partition walls, and easily placed in ceilings and walls alongside other “first fix” services.

In retrofit, like a re-plumbing or re-wiring, we can work with minimal damage to walls. The system will be constantly ready with water under pressure, the sprinkler heads act as a series of plugs to hold the water until needed. A normal mains fed water supply can supply the sprinkler system. There are occasions when this is not possible and a water storage tank and fire pump is required.

Fire sprinkler heads can be fitted with a cover which releases when surrounding surface reaches a certain temperature. Call now 0808 2027 999