Mist Systems

The water mist system is a relatively new fire engineering solution for fires within buildings

Mist suppression systems are highly effective for irregular or awkward rooms and corridors, and a wide range of fire risk situations:




Care homes



Data centres


Archiving premises

Art Galleries and museums

Mist nozzles discharge rapidly and extensively reducing temperature and oxygen in seconds.

Only one litre of water per minute is needed. Extremely fine droplets bond to smoke particles, resulting in less damage to valuable assets or antiquities.

Do you have

  • Deep fat fryers, industrial ovens and ducts
  • Generators
  • Switch rooms
  • Transformers
  • Paint spray booths
  • Hydraulic pits

and operational down time in all business critical applications.

To discuss suitability for a mist sprinkler system in your building, call UK Fire and Electrical on 0808 2027 999