Dry Risers

'Dry' - because the pipes at multiple floor levels are maintained empty of water until needed.

Dry risers are a building regulations requirement in occupied buildings over 18 metres tall, or buildings with difficult or limited access for the emergency services. The British Standard that applies is BS 9990:2015 for non-automatic firefighting systems.

Fire services need quick access to large quantities of water and your dry riser should be installed within 18 metres of fire engine access to the inlet box.

Car parks

Multilevel basements

Hospital corridors

Large Hotels

Office blocks

Underground train stations

A dry riser system often installed into stairways, is used by the fire services to distribute water to multiple levels of a building in an emergency. It is different to a “wet riser” or “wet standpipe” system where the pipes are kept full of water for manual or automatic fire fighting operations.

UK Fire and Electrical are very experienced in Dry Riser design, siting, installation and maintenance in accordance with BS5306.

Building owners and managing agents of large buildings trust us to secure their legal protection, and comply with their insurance responsibilities. We provide an annual dry riser test and six monthly visual inspections of all non-automatic fire-fighting systems. We act for larger commercial enterprises involved in new construction and building facilities provision, and are a trusted partner for all periodical testing of emergency, safety, and fire suppressant systems.

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